Gift Cards

The definition of gift cards or gift certificates, are known as supporting documents that verify the advance payment of a sum of money as a price or part of it, whose sole purpose is to obtain goods or services at sites authorized by the issuer, with the salvation that it does not constitute a security, nor a means of payment or exchange, since they are not ways to obtain cash.

In case of loss or destruction of the gift card or gift certificate, the acquirer or promisor (person who makes the advance payment) must inform the issuer, so that it is able to identify it, cancel it, and if necessary, issue it. new one.

The purchase will be understood to have been completed once the gift card or gift certificate has been redeemed, which can be redeemed in whole or in part. However, the outstanding balance to be consumed must be redeemed before the expiration date (1 year), with penalty that this money may be lost.

At this point it is clarified that the partial redemption does not extend the term of the bond or certificate, unless otherwise agreed, circumstances that must be informed by the issuer (Juan de Dios S.A.S.) when acquiring before making the advance payment. The bonds or certificates will be valid for no less than (1 year), counted from the date of issue.

If the buyer or beneficiary does not redeem the bond or certificate within the term of validity (legal or agreed), the loss of the price paid in advance may be caused, as previously agreed between the parties.