Juan De Dios was created as a breakthrough venture that allows exclusive designs to be used as swimwear and outfits at the same time. Versatile luxuriousness. Juan De Dios’ creative direction is in charge of Maria Valencia, who after going down, across and through the administrative world, bites the bullet and decides to pursue her passion for fashion, combining creativity with business awareness. Juan De Dios production is  applied with consciousness in artisanal methods , such as embroidery and other hand-made confections made by women-head of household.


Juan de Dios brand was inspired by the magical Colombian Pacific landscape, a place where the jungle meets the ocean and transports us to an earthly paradise. Juan de Dios is actually a virgin beach with golden sand in the pacific Bay of Malaga, visited each year by Humpback Whales that find in its calm and warm waters the ideal spot to mate and deliver their offspring. It is a place that fills your soul and your heart when you find yourself inside its surroundings. Here is where the magic happens and allows us to create bathing suits that highlight women’s effortless beauty and femininity.

The Pacific Flowers stand out within the exuberance of the GREEN jungle, just as women that wear Juan De Dios stand out in everyday life. We want to present to the world the exotic and extremely rare Chontaduro fruit, native from this region, that few know and have tasted. Once people get to try its unique taste, they crave it. This is the essence of Juan De Dios: exotic, different and exclusive. The Pacific sunsets, with their bright gold and blue, fill us with uplifting color, enabling us to save unforgettable images, like the images projected by women who wear Juan De Dios. JUAN DE DIOS women are those who like to look good, stand out with their femininity with natural flair. They are women who share a relation with nature, who enjoy living it and being part of it, It’s their place of reconnection.;At the same time they are very social and active women,connected with the urban world and fashion.